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Nork Capital Trading Funding’s Equipment Leasing Programs

Equipment leasing options available for Small, Medium & Large business owners.

Sale and Lease 

Often, businesses may need working capital to acquire business-related equipment. Our sale and lease back program allows clients to acquire the capital they need by tapping into the equity in the equipment they already own. Nork Capital Trading will have a Lender that will purchase your existing equipment and then lease it back to you. You own your equipment again after all of the payments are made.

Best Equipment with the Lowest Lease Payments — Guaranteed!

​It’s been said that the only things guaranteed in life are “Death” and “Taxes.” Well, now you can add another one to the list. In Nork Capital Trading we have the best lenders that can provide you lowest Lease Payment.  And unlike death or taxes, this one is in your favor.

As the owner of a small business, the big decisions are often up to you. The choices you make, right or wrong, rest squarely on your shoulders. So when it comes to financial decisions (the ones that can really impact your business), they should not be taken lightly.

Contact our finance specialists to discuss your needs and learn how we can help you get the financing and equipment your business needs. 


An equipment lease through Nork Capital Trading can be much more advantageous than other types of financing or bank loans. Equipment leasing provides the flexibility to preserve working capital, while taking advantage of major tax savings.

Some of the most successful small businesses in America never purchase their equipment… they lease it! Equipment leasing makes sense for the majority of businesses today because leasing provides many benefits that purchasing does not.

 Leasing allows for the preservation of cash. Having cash on hand provides the flexibility and security today’s businesses rely on for running the day-to-day operations and gives the necessary “cushion” for unexpected expenses and emergencies. Plus, leasing offers many tax savings and benefits not available by purchasing equipment outright.

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Equipment leasing and financing makes sense for most businesses in America, although many business owners are unaware of the benefits.  Nearly any type of equipment, in nearly any industry can be leased and financed.  And, with Section 179 of the United States tax code, business owners can qualify for tax deductions on equipment they already need for their business.