​​Nork Capital Trading


Our Financing and Shipping Department work as a team to deliver the products and service only our partners deserve. We want our customers participating in the Global Market to be competitive in their industry, increasing their profitability by reducing the operational costs associated with their distribution chain, establishing a reliable freight and logistics services for import and export. Unlike the competition we have our own in-house logistics department. We can do direct delivery to you or your customer globally.

We can distribute The following Products:

Computer parts and accessories,



and many more

Woman and Men's shoes,

Apperal Tuxedos,

heavy equipment and equipment parts,

Medical equipment 

Cells / Iphone and phone accessories

 Aviation & Parts

We are located in Miami Florida and since our founding Nork Capital trading has created innovative ways of bringing Information of any type of products to market with complete and total integrity. Our customers have come to depend on Nork Capital trading for consistently delivering the very highest quality service in any industry.  We have the knowledge and experience to get you the very best deals possible. Selling low creates opportunity and loyalty from our customers. It is our goal to enable resellers around the world to grow their business profitably and make Nork Capital trading their preferred destination. Our customer base is located in the international market, mainly in the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Our mission is to distribute a large variety of products that our clients are requesting. Our sales department is committed to inform market, distribute and offer high quality products in order to meet the needs of Nork Capital trading clients, in order to fulfill the ongoing mission.  

Contact us today and tell us about your business. We will provide you with the best information about our company and our services

1.       Finding the right markets for your products;

2.       Due diligence on your USA partners distributors, agents, buyers, suppliers; 

3.       Independent advice and analysis of export import/export deals involving USA;

4.       Identifying buyers, agents, and distributors;

5.       Providing successful export sales strategies; and negotiating sales and distribution contracts;

6.       Advising on the USA import regulations;

7.       Advising on USA import tariffs;

8.       Developing cross-border import export strategies 

9.       Facilitating trade show promotion and matchmaking services. 

We customize our programs to meet your needs, which allow you to implement a compliant trade management strategy. We respond quickly to initiate claims, identify cost savings and capitalize on all potential refund opportunities. We also assist clients in assessing the impact of various government initiatives, and whether or not to pursue accreditation.

We can help you expand into the US.  Having developed relationships with other professionals such as bankers, chartered accountants and other professionals in multiple jurisdictions we can offer comprehensive legal advice to our international clients. We have has a broad range of trade services available to assist your company in dealing with all of the challenges importers and exporters face.  

Trading Company provides advice and assistance to small and medium sized companies on expanding into the US markets. Our services include: