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Other Advantages:

Fast access to the funds you need
Absolutley no personal guarantees
Any type of business financed
No recourse even if the account does not pay
Free Credit insurance on your clients
Payments are not fixed
Available funding increases with your sales
You no longer have to focus on collections
This type of funding is much more flexible than traditional loans

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There are many benefits to this types of receivables loan:

  • Your cash flow is directly tied to your sales and as your business grows so will the available capital
  • You will receive the working capital you need without giving up equity
  • Bridge the gap between your invoices and collection
  • Receive cash within days of generating an invoice
  • Gives you the confidence to fulfill larger contracts

We work with many well-capitalized lenders that are aggressively lending. Many of our clients, companies just like yours, can receive the working capital they need even in today's hard economic times.

Accounts receivable financing allows business to generate capital by using receivables as collateral.  This may involve invoice factoring, which is a purchase of receivables for cash flow, also potentially involving a credit management service.
Small business financing tends to drive owners and their businesses deep into debt and tie up their assets as collateral.  With accounts receivable financing, companies such as Nork Capital Trading – who understand the difficult position this can put small businesses in – businesses can increase their capital without incurring more debt.

Working Capital Loan

Nork Capital Trading has helped companies all over the country get back on target, not only by improving their existing business, but also in expanding it, if desired.  Restaurants, manufacturers, retail stores, contractors, transportation providers, doctors and automotive services represent just a few of our clients’ industries.  Contact us and let us go to work to find your business the accounts receivable financing and accounts receivable loans it requires to thrive.