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      Residential Investment Loans

      Residential Investment Real Estate Program

Purchase, Refinance and Cash-out for residential investment property from  $250,000 to $2,000,000

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  • Rehab / Fix & Flip / Bridge Loans: Considered case by case, off matrix terms Financing 
  • Loans $750,000:  Only eligible for 2 to 4 units properties, max LTV is 65% for loans > $1,000,000.00
  • Foreign Nationals: 60% max LTV, must own primary, have TIN, US bank account and own 1 US investment property
  • Cash-out Refinances: Cash-out is unrestricted, no specific use of proceeds is required
  • Purchase Loans: Borrowers must own their primary residence and one other investment property
  • Prepay Penalty: All loans carry a 5% for 3 years prepayment penalty. No prepay penalty in Nj, add 1% to rate.
  • Adjustable Features: Adjust after fixed terms to WSJ prime. Floor rate = start rate. Life cap = start rate + 6%
  • DSCR/ Occupancy: No DSCR min.., 1 to 2 unit properties must be 100% occupied. 3 to 4 units can have vacancies
  • Escrows: Tax and insurance escrows are required, no waiver allowed.
  • Closing Time Frame: 2 to 3 weeks with full cooperation from all parties
  • Construction loans for Residential or Commercial.
  • Lending Nationwide
  • Free Pre-approvals, no upfront fees.

Apartment Building Mortgages 

Nork Capital specializes in apartment building mortgages

and will consider offering apartment buildings mortgages up

to 70% LTV. Final LTV’s and rates are determined by

experience of the owner, length of ownership, cash flow,

strength of credit, and strength of real estate. Nork Capital will consider both owner occupied and investment properties

when it comes to apartment building mortgages.

Nork Capital investment residential and commercial real estate loan programs are ideal for experienced investors and novices alike. We offer fully amortized permanent mortgages for the long-term owner and interest only bridge or rehab loans for the short-term investor. Our programs are available nationwide (some restrictions may apply) and special situation and foreign national financing is also available!