​​Nork Capital Trading


With all the businesses out there like yours, what sets you apart from your competition?  

Nork Capital Trading offers a financing option for wholesalers, distributors, suppliers and independent business owners that allow your customers to obtain capital quickly so they can purchase your inventory.

Get ahead of the competition by making financing available to your customers. There are no out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the customer, and you will benefit from larger orders with financing provided by Nork Capital Trading

For more information on how you can start offering financing to your customers at no risk to you by taking advantage of our customer financing for small business, apply to join our Vendor Financing Program today!

Financing                             Program

Benefits of Vendor Financing for Your Customers

Now your clients can buy Your Inventory with Terms!


•           Up to 12 month payment options
•           $3000 Minimum Purchase
•           Get paid for sale UP FRONT

•           Huge up selling opportunity

  • Easy application process
  • All credit standings accepted
  • Easy repayment process with fixed daily payments from gross sales or a fixed percentage of  credit card sales
  • Variety of programs to accommodate an individual business’s cash flow   needs
  •  Access to funding in as few as two business days

Vendor Financing Program


  • Funding solutions for your clients to buy your inventory
  • Our Vendor Financing Program allows vendors to:
  • Increase sales by not having to turn away merchants who need more credit
  • Offer a financing solution to your customers without the risk of repossessing inventory​
  • Receive full payment on goods sold to participants – we pay 100% of your invoice! 

​​How this financial Program works?

We finance your customers so that they can purchase your inventory. By offering vendor financing to your customers, you ensure not only that you will make the sale but that you will be paid 100% of your invoice without extending credit. This financing program for small & medium business comes with terms from 60 days to 12 months depending on the size of the order and the credit standing of your customer. We have provided vendors and suppliers directly and can fund purchases from $3,000 to $2 million.When a customer obtains funding, you get paid upfront by us for the equipment, inventory or service-related product they purchased. Then, your customer repays us directly at a competitive rate, eliminating any credit risk to you. Thus, our financing option is a popular choice for those choosing among several customer financing programs.
By supporting businesses with low credit scores, we have increased the market potential for vendors and suppliers participating in our vendor financing alternative. While others may not have been able to qualify you for customer funding solutions, we may be able to help you obtain the financing for customers of a small business that you have been searching for.

Your customers will enjoy these  benefits:

Offer financing as an option to your customers and allow them to split their purchase into small daily, weekly or monthly payments 

With all the businesses out there like yours, what sets you apart from your competition? With our financing program to your customers is a great way to attract customers and be different from your competitors. Nork Capital Trading can set you up with a short term financing program that will fit your customer’s needs. Your customer will have the luxury of being able to make payments that fit their budget while you are able to get your money up front for the product or service you sell, not to mention building your client base and growing your sales and your company. OFFER FINANCING, IT WORKS!

Your company no longer has to turn down business or decline credit applications. Simply refer a customer who is interested in doing business with you to us, and we can approve them for a certain amount of funding. Nork Capital trading funds many businesses that have been declined by banks or leasing companies, and we work directly with the credit departments of manufacturers, distributors, and local sales offices to make vendor financing fast and flexible.

We provide financing to your customers so that they can buy your products, services and supplies on time with no loss of income to you, the vendor. In a time where business owners are hesitant to use traditional supplier financing options, Nork Capital offers the financial solution many are searching for when they want to offer financing to customers.